New TCL C Series
New TCL C Series
TCL Electronics is a very active player in the gaming sector and has supported the growing gaming community for many years. TCL has always been a huge fan of video games and is proud to play a role in the industry, providing gamers with high-quality screens and endless playing options to enhance their gaming experience. And the new TCL C Series will bring better and smoother game experience to all the game lovers.

144Hz refresh rate and 144Hz VRR*

Gaming fans are expecting more games that support 120 FPS this year, so TCL has taken a step further by applying 144Hz refresh rate*, providing faster responsiveness, sharper imagery, and smoother gameplay: a huge benefit for users, especially in multiplayer games, whether they are competitive gamers who want to experience demanding high FPS games, or casual gamers.

On top, Variable Refresh rate (VRR) can solve the problem that the game frame rate does not match the TV refresh rate. TCL C Series TVs with VRR at 144Hz* refresh rate can support larger and higher frame rate games without screen tearing. Dynamic refresh rates can adjust to the content to produce smoother and seamless gameplay as video game creators desire.

*Available on C73 Series, C83 Series and C93 Series

Game Master and Game Master Pro

Game Master refers to features built into TCL TVs to optimize the display in video game use. Indeed, for gamers, a responsive TV is just as important as one with a good picture. And users only need to turn on the Game Master, the TCL TV can switch the performance mode, presenting an excellent gaming experience. Game Master is a “feature package” and different TCL TVs have different levels of support for this function. With HDMI 2.1, and ALLM**, gamers will experience lowest latency and the best picture settings for gaming, automatically.

What’s more, on premium TCL C Series models, serious gamers will enjoy Game Master Pro*** and automatically experience additional gaming features, with the smoothest action, lowest latency and the best picture settings for gaming (with HDMI 2.1, ALLM, 144Hz VRR and 120Hz VRR supported, with a Game Bar and Freesync Premium).

**Available on P73 Series, C63 Series, C73 Series, C83 Series and C93 Series
***Available on C73 Series (only 55’’/65’’/75’’/85’’/98’’), C83 Series and C93 Series

Game Bar: to take advantage of the large TV display and extend the consumer’s vision

Through the TCL Game Bar, it is possible to take advantage of the large TV display and extend the consumer’s vision to as wide as 32:9. And it is possible to easily activate real-time display statistics, toolbox functions, as well as the quick setting dashboard that helps the consumer to achieve the ultimate gaming experience.

The TCL TVs satisfy all entertainment needs. Consumers can even play their favourite game while their friends watch their favourite sports or movies. Up to 4 screens at the same time, on the same TV.

Freesync Premium

TCL’s TVs have become increasingly popular among serious console gamers and many of its TV’s guarantee high performance, thanks to their AMD FreeSync certification, which provides smooth and stutter free gameplay.