New Packaging
2022: Taking the environmental dimension of our packaging a step further
A step further
TCL Electronics adopts green and innovative requirements to examine the packaging materials and methods of its products.

TCL Electronics tries its best to use harmless, pollution-free, renewable and green packaging materials instead of plastic packaging materials, but also wood packaging materials to provide more modern, economical, durable and green packaging solutions. In addition, the paper packaging materials we use can lessen the weight and volume of our products, increase the number of containers, and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation of goods. We require the suppliers to properly recycle and reuse the packaging paper cartons, cardboards and plastic turnover boxes when providing raw materials and products to the Company, which effectively reduces the consumption and waste of packaging materials.

While we boost the capabilities and performance found within our products, we are aware that what’s on the inside and outside of our TVs needs to be designed conscientiously. We’ve always designed our packaging with safety, fit, and the environment in mind but in 2022 we’ve challenged ourselves to go above environment requirements and recycling regulations. From now on, we have decided to design and use only kraft packaging without glossy effect and too many colours to avoid using glue but also to limit ourselves to one white ink colour to ensure less or no chemical pigments are used.