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2-in-1 Sweeva 3000M & 3500M robot vacuum cleaners
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Sweeva 3000M & 3500M
Following the excellent response to the award-winning Sweeva 6500 robot vacuum cleaners, which received the CES 2022 INNOVATION AWARD, TCL is launching the 2-in-1 Sweeva 3000M and 3500M vacuum cleaners in May.

With 4 levels of suction power up to a maximum of 2,700 pascals, these robot vacuum cleaners sweep and mop floors for a truly clean and dust free home. The side brush, together with the middle high-end rolling brush, quickly and efficiently pulls dirt, dust and hairs off different types of surfaces such as carpets and hard floors with efficient air flow system. The Auto Carpet Boost function will also be automatically activated when the machine moves onto the carpet from hard floor to optimize the cleaning performance

With the newly designed wet mopping system, water is absorbed into the mop from the 300ml large water tank and evenly distributed ruing mopping. The water flow could be also controlled adjusted through the TCL Home App.

When users program the cleaning, the enhanced gyroscope navigation system ensures the coverage of the whole floor space without having to be controlled remotely, by detecting obstacles and objects. Sweeva will not be stopped by small steps or thick rugs with its crossing capability up to 20mm height. It will not either fall from the stairs nor bump against walls thanks to the cliff and proximity sensors.

With the UV-C light, the Sweeva not only cleans but will sterilize the floor to protect from harmful bacteria. The air outlet at the dust box is also equipped with an efficient washable HEPA filter who could filter pet dander, PM2.5, pollen, and harmful microbes with a size of above 0.3 microns, helping to keep clean and fresh air.

The Sweeva will automatically go back to the dustbin when it detects that the dust box is full. Then, the extra-large 4L auto-empty dustbin* will collect up to 8 times of all the trash from the dust box, allowing several weeks of use without the need to empty the dust box.

Thanks to TCL Home App, users can take full control of their Sweeva robot vacuum cleaner by distance, for examples to schedule cleaning, switch the UV-C light or adjust the water flow. It also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control.

Sweeva 3000M & 3500M keep working for 180min, suitable for areas up to 200 m2.**

*Only available on Sweeva 3500M
**Tested on hard floor, on standard mode, by TCL IOT Lab

  • Ultra Powerful Suction

  • 2-in-1 Sweep & Mop

  • Multi sensor for No-worry Moving

  • Capture Allergens with HEPA filter

  • Ultra-Compact Body with Big Dust Box

  • Smart Control via App

  • UV-C Sterilization

  • Custom No-Go Zone

  • Long Runtime with Auto-Recharge

  • Auto-Empty Dustbin

(only available on Sweeva 3500M)